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Classic character based on a classic man.

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SNL does it again. Stuck in my head. Every person in this sketch had a hilarious moment.

She’s so great

She’s so great

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K flay!


"Look, Bill O’Reilly is used to saying kind of stupid things to get attention. There’s not much of a difference between the president appearing on Between Two Ferns and appearing on The O’Reilly Factor. The difference is that we admit we’re a comedy show."

- Between Two Ferns director Scott Aukerman fires back at Bill O’Reilly. (via mediaite)

Burn notice!

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Michael Che had a great set on @latenightseth last week


Downtown LA.



tried to get khaleesi white but it didn’t work no matter how much toner i used, so for now im going for jean grey x audrey hepburn with some mild hacker vibes

i wish i could stop impulsively dying my hair but i have to do something impulsively and the other options are like, crime, alcohol and tattoos so i guess i’ll just resign myself to having completely fried hair for the rest of time

Grimes has the same mindset regarding hair as Ramona Flowers

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A "Relatively New" 'SNL' Cast Member May Leave for a "High-Profile" New Sitcom


Can you guess which mystery cast member may leave SNL in May?

Since it’s not Nasim it better not be aidy or kate. Anybody else I think I’d be OK with. Please don’t let it be one of those 2!!!!!! I cannot function without a weekly dose of Aidy’s dance moves or Kate’s all around awesomeness.

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Are these the best pictures ever?