One of the best foam corner moments so I had to throw this together. 


Bored so why not use the Bub app to make Bubye West?


This made me smile

  • Question: While girls mature faster than guys in their developmental ages, I think it's a bit disingenuous to all the men & women who have their shit together by their 20s. I think perpetuating the sexist assumption that older guys are more mature than their younger counterparts is what leads to finding out late in the game the guys are entitled/wasteful messes. If it's a deal-breaker then return the defective male-unit to the store and get a reliable unit. There are plenty of us available out there. - Anonymous
  • Answer:


    You wanna go on a date?



    I totally agree with you. I was just riffing on a stereotype in my answer to that person’s question, and that was very irresponsible of me. I was way into this comment, and then saw you’re into animals and was way into you… but you like Grimes… I guess we have to break up now. (Don’t take it the wrong way, I do adore the range of your musical taste…)

    WHOA WHOA WHOA what’s with the slight against Grimes ? :(

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Photo Set

Please go to and register to vote for Feli’s designs in the Last of Us t-shirt contest. Click these links to vote. 5’s all around please. You do not understand how badly I need each and every one of these designs on a shirt.

Photo Set

Kanye Yeezus Tour Photoset 3- Monday October 28- Staples Center, LA

Photo Set

Yeezus Tour Photoset 2- Monday October 28 Staples Center

Photo Set

Yeezus Photoset 1: Live at Staples. Monday October 28


‘Playing House’ promo: ‘Why are best friends so sad?!’ — EXCLUSIVE VIDEO |



Yay! The BFFs are back and revamped and looking funnier than everz.

First promos for Playing House!

YESSSSD I will bug everyone I know and make them watch this show

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“A womb of one’s own”
Comedy Bang Bang
Season 1 episode 2