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these are all too good




Realest thing Ive ever saw.

every once in a while I think kanye is a prophet.

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my brother mac and i made our own press photos for the new song, he’s a really amazing photographer!  

This is the first time I’ve been able to art direct my own press photos which makes me really happy. The look is an anime elf assassin who is a big fan of dolly parton and patsy cline.   so stressed about releasing new music but at least now i can focus on more stuff instead of lingering

also we didn’t really have time to colour correct or whatever so they’re a bit dark cuz we caught the last sun - but we’ll prob make them better soon, pull out the orange tones but we have limited computer access rn

Like a Grimestone cowboy…


Freedom of Speech and Consequences

Todd Glass:

Last night I was driving down the street and I thought about all these people that are saying “oh you can’t say anything anymore, you can’t say anything anymore”…If I had a public address system I would just ask the world one thing: “Can we stop this publicly acting like when you say something, that when people act aggressively you’re not losing you’re freedom of speech. Freedom of speech means you don’t go to jail, so shut the fuck up.”
But I thought about something, what they’re basically saying is because of who they are, they’re tired of the ridicule. “This is who I am, this is the way I feel, and I don’t like the ridicule that I’m facing because of who I am.” Well guess what fuck face, think of other groups that got more ridicule. Think about this…you’re saying you don’t like the ridicule you’re getting because of who you are. Well what is the ridicule you’re getting, write it down, and then write down the ridicule that other groups have gotten…Whether it’s gay people, or whether it’s women, or whether it’s black people. Think of the ridicule they got. Think of it. You have a problem with them and think of what they do to you- they just blast you verbally…you’re not getting dragged behind a car, you’re not getting a cross burned on your front lawn, you’re not getting beat up [in an] alley. So it does make me want to go “Oh boo-hoo. Boo-hoo…I don’t like the ramifications that I have to deal with because of who I am.” Well look at some other people, look at the ramifications they got. You don’t want to relate yourself to them because you perceive them to be sick, otherwise you’d say “Oh my God I don’t like all this criticism I’m getting but I guess I should shut up because look at what they got.” You don’t want to say something kind like that. You don’t want to even go there…

aaaand we’ll take a break.

 Todd Glass has an amazing way of putting a new or different spin on topics. This has been shortened or edited somewhat for clarity’s sake. Do yourself a favor and go listen to Comedy Bang Bang: Shed Busting with James Adomian, George W.Bush, and host Scott Aukerman for a great episode of the pod.



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Adam and Naomi Scott at the Vulture Festival [x]


Lololol praise this audience member

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Emma’s Speech

Playing House | 1x09 | “Let’s Have A Baby”

not a dry eye in the house

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every time you eat Cheetos…

every time you eat Cheetos…


Mr. Nanjiani

Playing House 108