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Uploading these in case nobody else has- scans from Entertainment Weekly (Avengers Cover) featuring a 2 page spread on the Community-Law and Order episode “Basic Lupine Urology.”


At lunch today at Which Wich, a stellar sandwich shop, I did my part to spread some community love on their sandwich bag wall.


One of the best Community moments ever! the Pizza dance.


and I gotta add

Parks & Recreation - September 22

Law and Order: SVU - September 22 


How I Met Your Mother - tonight!

New Girl - September 20

Modern Family - September 21

Community - September 22

The Big Bang Theory - September 22

Happy Endings - September 28

American Horror Story - October 5

The League - October 6

The Walking Dead - October 16

Source: anguishmeetsorigami

'Brie's character, Annie, who protests indecency in a register that conjures a conductor on his tiptoes, couldn't be more of an innocent, fizzy contradiction to the actress. Annie, on “Community”: never seen a penis. Brie, in an essay she wrote about deflowering her gay friend: “My vagina would have been his road to salvation!” Which is to say, the girls are willing to embrace the funny in sex. “It’s just so deadly serious to each of us but hilarious to everyone else,” Jacobs says. “When you’re having sex with someone,” Brie adds, “it really is similar to putting yourself out there and saying, ‘I think this is funny and I hope you laugh.’ 

Is this month’s issue the best ever? Click pic for full article.